It has been a long while since I introduced some new musicians to all of ya'll, so I figured that I should probably get back on that and start throwing out some more musicians names to keep an eye on this upcoming year.  We have been over the most popular so far, KiD CuDi, Asher Roth, Big Sean, Charles Hamilton... but now it is time to give you all a taste of some of the other people who will be making some noise in '09 and will for sure be putting out some stellar stuff.  We have already covered some reviews for some of the musicians above, but who cares, there is way more to a musician than just his or her music, it is all about their personality and dedication to music itself.

Today we are going to cover one of my favorite musicians who has recently started making some noise with his most recent mixtape, A Matter of Time.  The musician I am talking about (in case you have not figured it out yet...), is Mike Posner.  He is a young musician who has already accomplished so many feats in his musical career.  The truly amazing thing is that this young musician is able to juggle his studies as a college student at the University of Duke all the while making great music and doing very well in school.  In an article I found on the Duke web-site, it states that not only is he a serious musician, but he is also a serious student as well.  It seems a though everything that Mr. Posner does, he does with a sense of seriousness and devotion.  Something that truly is not seen in many musicians in the music industry today.  He is living proof that Hip-Hop may not be "dead" and maybe it was merely just in a coma from when Soulja Boy released his first album.  Looks like Asher Roth won't be the only white-jewish musician trying to make it big in the music industry, seeing as Mike Posner (who fits the same profile as Asher Roth) is making some progress in trying to get a record deal and is also working on releasing his first album with The Brain Trust.  In case you all don't know, The Brain Trust consists of two other Duke musicians, a Senior by the name of Eric Holljes, and Duke sophomore Jeff Oh.

A Matter of Time is for sure one of my Top 10 Mixtapes, and the tape itself has really been his segway into the music industry.  Now that is not to say his first mixtape, Reflections of a Teen was not good, I have only heard one track off that tape entitled, "Summertime" and I truly love it.  If anyone out there has his first mixtape, can you upload it to a site online and post it in the comments, I have been trying to get my hands on it for such a long time!  Another great part about Mike Posner is that he gives back to his roots.  He has a lot of love for both his hometown in California, and where he grew up, here in Michigan.  His music has an influence of Cali/Detroit sound to it, and I think that that's one of the reasons why I like it so much.  His music is so great because it isn't something you hear on a regular basis.  The lyrical flow and music he produces is just so unique and hard to imitate, it makes his music that much better, and that much more interesting.  He has had many associated acts as he has risen to the current stage he is at in his musical career.  Some musicians who you could pair him up with is Big Sean, Pat Piff, Pharrell/N.E.R.D., and from what I understand off this article on the Duke web-site, Asher Roth...

I can tell that Mr. Posner is going to have a very long and very successful career in the music industry not just because of his unique sound and great feel for music, but for his relationship with his fans and other musicians in the music industry.  When I saw him live, he put on a heck of a show.  Him and Big Sean (and N.E.R.D. too, but they aren't from Michigan) got the hometown fans moving, I have never really seen anything like that at a Hip-Hop concert before.  Another example of Posner being very in-touch with his fans is when he was handing out free, signed mixtapes at a shoe/clothing shop in Birmingham, Michigan.  He was at a shop called, "Revive" and I had never been there before (but it would appear that I will be making my way back there at some point seeing as it was a pretty sick shop).  I decided that as a fan, a music blogger, and as a music geek, it was my job... NO, MY DUTY to go down to this unknown shop, and pick up my free signed mixtape.  I ended up getting a whole lot more than that!  I got to the store, and ended up waiting in a line for an hour and half.  So many people showed up to meet Mike Posner and to get his autograph, it was something crazy!  I mean he is loved by Michiganders and all who listen to his music.  The true thing that will make him successful is his relationship with his fans.  I walked into that shop, after waiting so long in a line, and when it is my turn to meet him, I am greeted by a chill guy, who is by far the most friendly celebrity I have ever met!  It is something that is rarely seen by many musicians out there, it is something that up and coming musicians should really take notes on, and something that musicians who have already made it big should try to do more of.  Be more giving to your fans, and you will succeed much more!  

For only being a Junior at the University of Duke, Mike Posner has a very mature and very confident personality.  His love for music, school, and his fans is something that will lead him to succeed in his future endeavors, whether they be in music or some other profession.  He has this deep love for music which seems to be rooted in his personality, which is why he is so close with his fans and with his music making team.  There really isn't much more to tell you about Mr. Posner, I think I have covered it all... He is a great guy, a great musician, and a great student... What more can I say?  Anyway, be sure to check back here later for out exclusive interview with Mike Posner, and be sure to check back here for more Mixtape/Album News coming your way when we hear more about it.  The title of his first album will be called The New Deal, and you can expect a mixtape from him around September this year (just in time for all those college students to get back to work!).

Download A Matter of Time Here:

Stay Tuned For More Mike Posner Updates Coming To You In The Near Future!!!

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