Well if you are not from Michigan, then you probably are not familiar with the popular phrase "April in the D".  It really isn't a "Michigan" thing, and can be used in the context for all states that have three sports teams playing during April.  Anyway, I am going to cover some sports stuff, I just feel like there are certain things I need to get off my chest, and even though this is a MUSIC blog, I am sure we can all use a little change in topic every now and then...

Let's start off with the Stanley Cup chase that has currently been going on for the past couple of weeks.  The way things have been shaping up, this years winner is going to be a toss up (somewhat)!  I mean the underdog teams have been fighting hard, and they have been putting up a strong effort to overcome and be the top seeded teams playing in this years Cup tournament.  I would have to say that the most entertaining matchups thus far in the Stanley Cup chase would have to be the New Jersey Devils vs. The Carolina Hurricanes.  Why is this such a great series...?  I mean it has the makings of being great, it has been physical, intense, filled with tons of big hits and big scores!  The series as it stands is 2-2 which is a big surprise considering the Devils (in my opinion) are the significantly better team.  I guess every team is really on the same playing field once they hit the playoffs!  Another great series that is taking place is the New York Rangers vs. The Washington Capitals.  As that series stands, the Rangers have a 2-1 lead in games (and as the current game progresses, it would appear that they will be taking a 3-1 lead by the end of the night).  This is another surprise... Washington has built one of the more stabile and stronger teams in the league, and with Ovechkin, it is really hard to find and excuse for their lack of scoring.  Another great series that is taking place in the league is The Anaheim (Mighty) Ducks vs. The San Jose Sharks.  The Sharks are heavy favorites in this series, and in some sportscasters minds, are favorite to win the Cup this year.  

And onward to the series games that really have not been much of a surprise!  The Boston Bruins have not let down their fans, their towns, and their reputation thus far in the playoffs.  As it stands, they are winning their series against The Montreal Canadiens, 3-0.  There really is not much going on there, and it would appear that the Bruins will get the win tonight and advance in the playoffs (along with Vancouver, who beat the Blues in four straight... SAW THAT ONE COMING!).  In the other blowout matchups, you have the past Stanley Cup Champs, the Detroit Red Wings taking on The Columbus Blue Jackets.  The Wings are up in that series 3-0 as it stands tonight, with a big game in Columbus tomorrow night.  It will be a must win for the Jackets, as they are facing elimination from their first ever Stanley Cup bid.  The Wings seem to have everything on lockdown right now... The Jackets have scored two goals in the three games they have played, and have just been outplayed and out-skilled by the veteran Wings.  I have to give a hand to the Jackets though, they have been physical and given Detroit a taste of what is to come in the future rounds of the playoffs.  They are not a bad team, and I would expect them to make it to the Stanley Cup Playoffs next year!  My predicted NHL Finals series is: Boston Bruins vs. The Detroit Red Wings, with the Playoff MVP Award going to Chris Osgood of the Detroit Red Wings (also meaning that I think the Wings will go back to back and win the Stanley Cup for two straight years).

Moving onto a lot of peoples favorite sport, Basketball.  Right now the playoffs are a bit crazy, with a lot of teams making some strides against the higher seeded teams.  The Chicago Bulls upset the Boston Celtics in the first game at MSG, but the Celts took back a game with a last second shot by Ray Allen.  This matchup looks to be a good one, and if I was a betting man (which I am not), I would be putting it on Derrick Rose and the young up and coming Chicago Bulls.  We'll see how the rest of that series plays out, sure should be fun to watch!  Denver has taken a 1-0 lead on New Orleans, which was a big surprise to me, then again I am a huge Chauncey Billups fan, and I know him and his team are probably going to make some damage this year in the playoffs!  I guess this could be the year of upsets in the NBA Playoffs!  I know I will be keeping an eye on that series as it develops, and if you are an avid basketball fan, you should too!  Philly took a 1-0 lead on the Magic, but as I watch the game on tonight, it would appear that the Magic know what they are doing and should regain control of this series real soon.  ATL, like many other teams out there, has stunned many basketball fans, and have taken a 1-0 lead on the High-Flying Heat.  Wade has been tearing it up as of late, and even though Iggy's shot won the game for them in Game 1, I think the Heat are just going to straight up dominate the rest of the series, for the most part.

Now for the mismatches... LAL are up on the Jazz (can't say I didn't see that coming), and the Cavs are just destroying the Pistons and they are up in that series as well.  The San Antonio/Dallas series is going to be a heck of a series, and the Portland/Houston series will be another one to keep an eye on.  Otherwise, that sums up the first round of the playoffs thus far.  My predicted NBA Playoff Finals are: LA Lakers vs. Cleveland Cavaliers, with the Lakers winning and Koby Bryant snagging the Playoffs MVP Award.

And onward we go!  I am not really going to get too involved with baseball, and it really is WAY to early to tell, but the Tigers are looking solid, I will cover more of their stuff as the season progresses, it is really too early to go in depth on any of that.

In other sports news...
  • The Detroit Lions Are Working On Signing Matt Stafford, looks like the covetted QB will end up being Detroits next star/fart... I hope he works out, I liked the way he played in the NCAA, and if Detroit signs him, I would be hopeful that they would win at least ONE game next season, and not be the first team in NFL history to go 0-32 in two seasons. (Source: ESPN)
  • Stafford has been heard saying the following about if he was drafted first overall by the Lions... I like the kid, I think things would work out well with him in Detroit, and I think he would be where the change will and should start from.  After they win a game... maybe they can add an offensive line, and if we get really lucky, maybe even a DEFENSIVE LINE!?  The Lions are in need of plenty of changes, but the fact that a young player coming out of college wants to play for an 0-16 team is amazing, kid has the right attitude, and I would much rather have him throwing to Calvin Johnson then the old timer Dante Cullpepper trying to bomb throws down the field.  ""That would be an honor to, obviously, be the No. 1 pick and be able to come to Detroit and hopefully turn it around and be a part of a regime that kind of brought [this organization] back to life," he also has stated that, "It would be a dream come true; it would be awesome for me, but if it doesn't happen it doesn't happen. Wherever I end up going, it's football and you've got to make the best of it." - Matt Stafford
  • Looks like the Kansas Jayhawks will be the North Carolina Tar Heels of the tournament next year.  It is apparent that the Henry brothers have decided they want to go to Kansas instead of Memphis (due to the coaching change).  One brother was signed by the Yankees out of high school and won't have to worry about going to college there (at least money wise) because the Yanks are covering all the cost.  The other is going on some sort of scholarship I am sure.  As it stands, it seems that the Jayhawks will be the #1 team at the start of next season.  The two brothers are highly coveted ball players, should be interesting to see how they play in the Jayhawk system. (Source: ESPN)

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