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TheSideNote is just on fire with reviews today. Here is another semi-highly anticipated album, but unfortunately the hype (mostly that we created) was a little too much for the actual album. Don't get me wrong, Chester French is going places, just not right now. Don't worry about it guys, good try!


1) Introduction: Powerful strings, foriegn language, cresendos and orchestration. This is going to be a wild ride.

2) C'mon (On My Own): Well thought out rock pop, catchy and driving hook. Exactly what I was expecting from the newcomers.

3) Bebe Buell: This is the first time I had to google a hook in a pop song. "This ain't groupie love, cause you mean so much to me/ You're my Bebe Buell, you're my Puerto Rican Pamala Lee." It may not seem be flattering give your girl the pet name of a Playmate heartbreaker, but when you're Chester French, maybe its not so bad. The rock star serenede drives with guitars, electronic beats, and lyrics worth reading.

4) String Interlude: It's exactly what you think it is. Can they play the violin and chello? Hmmmmmm, rockers with classical tendences. Rock me, Amadeus, indeed.

5) The Jimmy Choos: The combo of synth, oooOoOoOoos, and design shoe name dropping actually works. So far, no real stand out track. All are solid tracks, but who knows if they'll still be good the 10th spin around? B, so far.

6) Time to Unwind: More synth, more beats, more quirky pop.

7) Fingers: "You're so fresh, you're fresh to death / but you've turned your tricks, made such a mess" See, its ironic because there's a grand piano track under it! Oh, and there's the strings from Track 4, I thought they'd pop up again.

8) Country Interlude: There are only a few times where I've looked foward to a track less. And its 5+ minutes. And now I'm thouroughly confused. This is no country track. Kind of a creepy techno/acoustic mash-up. To top it all off is the xylophone. Just a disorienting track.

9) Beneath The Veil: Now THIS is the pop/rock country I was expecting before. Tap dance solo as an added bonus.

By this point in the listening, I was decently bored. I had high expectations coming into the album, and none of these songs were going to stick in my head for more than a few hours. I really stopped listening to the album, except for the supposed single She Loves Everybody. The track has a rather large replay value on MTV, so I figured I'd check it out. Really, the chorus stands out because its straight-up hooktastic. The rest is like the love for a promiscuous woman that they sing about: you know you shouldn't like it, but it just keeps growing on you. Until you get crabs. And then you have a problem. The music video is worth a look though. Nothing says artsy like black and white and ass-kicking.

For a duo who rocked As I Em w/ Asher Roth, they did not deliever. 2, 3, 5, and She Loves Everybody are worth a replay or two, but not much. I'm tagging Love the Future with a heartbreaking C+. They're 1/2 to a solid CD. They just gotta finish strong.

"You think we should finish our CD?" "Nah, let's lounge in this preppy room some more."

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violin said... @ May 11, 2011 at 11:21 PM

Interesting thing to read about in this one. I just want to really make things work out in one of the tracks here, the String interlude. I guess the violin part can be considered as a rock on part of the whole series!

violin said... @ May 14, 2011 at 1:41 AM

I guess that learning up on all the music here, particularly with the ones that you have mentioned on all the tracks, have been good. I just want to really appreciate their love for music, in particular with the track 4, in which they used the violin and cello (not chello!) very well!

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