Well, incase you all have not heard, Nas is now naming his upcoming ninth album something other than the N-Word.  He has said that while he does not want to change the album title, it doesn't really matter.  He knows that all his fans will know the true album title, and that the name does not really matter.  Above is what the album art could be for the upcoming album.  Regardless from what the album art makes you think, from what I have heard, the album is going to be killer.  Supposedly better then any of his past ones.  If that is the case, then I don't think fans should be too upset about the name change.  

My simple view on the name change is that it is totally ridiculous.  This is America, and if Nas wants to name his ninth studio album using the N-Word, then that is his choice.  I personally think that people need to pick and choose there battles.  Does it really matter what the title of the album is?  I mean have you seen the titles of the confirmed tracks yet!?  Those out there who complain about things such as an album title change are people who are against Rap and Hip-Hop.  Nas should be allowed to do what he wants, and if using the N-Word really was such a bad thing, then why aren't those same people that are forcing the name change of the album, also trying to change the name of the tracks, and the amount of times the N-Word is used in Rap and Hip-Hop today.  No offense to them (those who are trying to get it to change), but who are they to say what is allowed and not allowed.  This is America, and you have to respect everyones rights.  If I want to do something, I can do it, so long as I am not breaking the law.  I can name a book that I write whatever I choose to.  If that is the case, then I am pretty sure Nas can make an album, and name it whatever he wants.  All in all, I personally think the name change is dumb, and that Nas really should have held his ground on the title, but that is just me.  The album that is due out July 1st, 2008 will for sure be killer, and as Nas said, we all really do know the real name of the album anyways.

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