Well, the first single off Viva La Vida is for sure a great song.  It's got everything going for it, and really complements what Coldplay does in a very nice manner.  The single itself is soothing to the senses, and is definitely going to be up there on the single charts.  A while back, there was a one week promotional of free downloads of the single off the Coldplay homepage.  I had not known this, and missed out on a great opportunity.  However, if you missed this promo, today, May 7th, 2008, if you pick up a copy of N.W.E. UK Magazine, they are including a promo CD for the album.  So be sure to check that out.

For those of you out there who did not get the magazine, or download the track off the site, you can listen to it off of YouTube, and let us know what you think of it!  The single is just overall a hit in my opinion.  There is not a single complaint I have about the track, and if this is how the rest of the album is going to sound, then we are all in for a big treat.  Unlike Lil' Wayne, and his inability to put out a solid single, "Violet Hill" is a masterpiece.  And talking about masterpieces, from what I understand, the album is named after a painting by a French artist, if I recall correctly.  I will be sure to give you all the low down on the album later this week, and give you guys more information as to the status and progression of the album.  For now, just check out the single provided on this post, and let us know what you think of it!  I am sure you will be very satisfied with this track, I know I sure am!

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