Well this remix is the official remix for the second single off of Nelly's upcoming album entitled, Brass Knuckles.  The single is pretty solid, and the remix is also very solid.  The track has that extra umph that really does help the track progress.

Normally we don't do this, but you are pretty lucky!  Unlike other "Remixes of the Week" this one will feature a single review as well.   So why was Nelly's single so good?  Mainly because the beat that was dropped on this track was truly sick.  The track, whether you knew this or not, was not supposed to be featured on Brass Knuckles, rather, it was supposed to be on Fergie's album, The Dutchess.  The track was decided to be too un-Fergie like, and too, "street" for Fergie.  In a way, I agree with the producers on this one, Fergie does not fit the beat well being the lead singer.  However, she does an excellent job being a featured guest on this song.  If this, and "Wadsyaname" are examples of what is to be on Nelly's upcoming album, then I am extremely excited.  While the album has been pushed back so many times, the wait is for sure worth it considering how good these past two tracks have been!  I am excited to give Brass Knuckles a listen upon it's release, and I am sure it is going to be a great production for Nelly.

Check Out, "Party People (Feat. Fergie & O'Neill)" Below!

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