Whether you knew this or not, but the Blog plans on having some new stuff featured on it, and we got some reminders for all of you readers out there.  I personally love to mash songs up, remix songs, and what not, so I decided I would release my own Mixtape with the remixes/mashups that I make, and the download link for the mixtape would be hosted on the blog.  The title of the mixtape will be, Goin Through The Mixes (Vol. 1).  The remixes on there will be of various artists, and of different beats and tunes, so be sure to check that out and let me know what you think of it!

On top of that, I plan on sort of putting out a compilation mixtape of my favorite mashups and remixes made by people.  They will all be hot tracks, and be a sure download!  I plan on calling that mixtape/compilation: Cracka Music (Vol. 1).  Who knows if I will pursue this, and make more of each mixtape, but for now, they will just have volumes due to my not knowing!  If you know of a good mashup/remix that someone made, be sure to send it to us, and if we think it is worthy of being on our mixtape, we will post it up!

Thats pretty much it for now.  Just a quick notification to ya'll, the blog will be going through some changes in the coming time.  So the lack of posts is due to myself and Ain't Got No Music working on a new layout and look for the blog.  The new situation for our blog will be sick narsty, and will more than likely be more organized then what we have right now.  I was thinking of doing something like this...  Have the front page be like where I can post Remix of the Week, blog updates, and other junk.  Then, there would be tabs in the header which will allow users to go to other sections of the blog (i.e. Album Reviews, Single/Remix Reviews, Mixtape Reviews, Interviews, Affiliates, Promoted Artists, Mixtape Downloads.)

Each section will obviously have its own thing going on, and unlike this blog layout, it will be way more organized.  I would still like to keep a search bar somewhere on the blog, so this way people can find specific things that they want, as opposed to having to search everywhere for it.  We also would like some User-Input, but we never really get that, so if not, the layout will just be changed to what we want.

Thats pretty much all we got for ya, stay tuned for more updates, ideas, and news!

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