Well, we have been updating, adding, and advancing our Music 101 section on the blog.  As of right now, we have added a ton more graphics to the PhotoBucket, all about album art, wallpapers, and a ton of other stuff.

On top of that, we have been colab'ing with Ain't Got No Music's forum, so be sure to check that out, he has been doing a great job, and as said before, he is currently helping us with the progression of the blog.  Just like we had once told you, we are still trying to set up interviews and we plan on getting some done soon!  We really look forward to the people who we have contacted to respond, and we will keep you all updated as soon as possible!

There really is not much else to mention, we want your inputs, and we have not really gotten many comments on the blog.  We wish that people would start talking more instead of reading the blog, and just moving on to the next site.  Please leave a comment on a post, tell us what you think, and let us know what we can do to advance the blog.  We did not make the blog to just talk to no one, we wanted to hear different views out there.  If you got an opinion on a subject we are writing on, please feel free to drop us a comment.

Thats all for now!  Keep checking back here for more info and hopefully more reviews!

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