Hey guys. Sorry for the lack of posts by me these days but school is tough. Anyway, this is a really special remix of the week. Adagio for Strings or Agnus Dei (Vocal) by Samuel Barber is probably one of the saddest, but most beautiful songs ever written, so Tiesto thought he'd put his twist on it. The song has been featured in many movies including EPlatoon, The Elephant Man, S1m0ne, Lorenzo's Oil, El Norte (1984), The Scarlet Letter, and Amélie. If you love the original, unremixed, you may not like the remix due to the tempo change and beat remixing; don't worry though, it is really cool nonetheless. All in all, Tiesto is quite a machine. Enjoy!!! And check out the original on strings and voice, it is sure to amaze.

Video (Live Version):

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