So what's the new "hip" thing to do on your free time...?  Ok, so maybe it is not so "hip" but there are tons of people on the web taking album artwork, and, "zooming out."  By the term "zooming out," I am saying that they are taking the initial album art that was made by someone, and then adding more on to it.  For instance, check out the Simon and Garfunkel one below.  Now that actually looks like it could have happened!  Many people have done much more than just the one shown below, so if you keep scrolling down, you can see the many more that people have made!

This one was made by knockear and if you want to check out his profile, simply Click Here!

This one was by maninthespoon, and you can check out his works by Clicking Here!

This one was by xandmi, and you can see his profile by Clicking Here!

You can check out more of these types of things by going to http://b3ta.com and if you make your own, please be sure to not only add it there, but also send it to us, and we will be sure to host it on the blog!  Some of the ones on there are really funny and good, the three above are the top three that I enjoyed the most!

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