LOSSES, I mean come on!  If you are playing in the "N"FL then you should be playing better.  This isn't a college sports league, or a high school sports team were talking about here... IT'S ON THE FREAKING NATIONAL LEVEL.  How can Ford go to sleep at night knowing that he threw together a crappy team and hired Millen to run his team.  If I owned the Lions, I would not be sleeping easy at this point, or at any point throughout this past season.  The team itself was not the disgrace, rather it is the ownership and the leadership on the team that truly disgraces me, the Detroit Lions fan base (or what is left of it), the NFL, the whole sport of football, and anything else.  I am just steaming right now!  How can someone let this happen!  How can a team go 4-0 in the preseason, and 0-16 in the regular season.  I have to clear one thing though.  The Lions are not to blame for this.  That's right, the players are not to blame (entirely).  Sure they may not be the best players in the world, but the mere fact that Ford put together a team (yes, Ford is at fault here due to his poor decision making) that truly could not compete with the other teams in the league.

I personally stopped being a Lions fan a long time ago, and I moved on to my favorite team for the past six years, the New York Giants (Super Bowl Contenders YET AGAIN!)  Here is what I propose the Lion fans should do.  Rally or protest Ford being in charge of the team.  I mean get the owner out of there and start anew.  Lets get someone who actually cares about the team, a Illitch or Davidson, someone like those two, who wants and wills to get a championship just as much as his players do.  Only then will "change" come.  Just because you elected Barack Obama does not mean the Lions will all of a sudden "CHANGE" and become better.  A sign of change would be a new owner of the team.  Anyway, I am done wasting my time and your time on a dead point.  It should be interesting to see what they do in the offseason, a major makeover is needed!

What Is Needed The Most (Ideas Of How To Draft):
  1. Defensive Line
  2. Offensive Line
  3. Young Players Looking To Play And Not Mess Around (i.e. NOT SOMEONE LIKE Charles Rogers/Mike Williams)
  1. A Wide Reciever (They have CJ and Furrey/McDonald plus some young guys that can play, no need to draft another wide out)
  2. A Running Back (Kevin Smith has proven he can run the ball, we are solid there)
  3. A QB (They have Stanton/Cullpepper/Orlovsky, all can be decent to throw the ball and Orlovsky/Stanton will develop into a nice duo combo once they get rid of Cullpepper)
I'm so sick of hearing about the Lions sucking it up on the field every Sunday.  Americans and Michiganders voted for change this last November, and it is about time that we saw it.  In the economy, in the foreclosure crisis, and in the DETROIT LIONS.  I hope you all leave your opinions on the matter below, would love to hear what some of the fans have to say on the subject.

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