Big Sean is part three to the Incoming Class of 09' installment already started on the blog.  He is gonna do it big, and if you think we are kidding, then check out his mixtape and see it for yourself.  The guy truly has talent, and Kanye West has a great eye for spotting young up and coming rappers.  Big Sean hails from Detroit, Michigan, and while that may be the case, you cannot start comparing him to other rappers from the Detroit area because he truly is nothing like them.  He possess a fresh look at the music game, and has a lot to bring to the music industry.  He seems to be a motivated young rapper who plans on being successful in this harsh music industry.  Do I think he has what it takes?  Yes, just look at the review I did on his mixtape (CLICK HERE TO READ IT!!!).

Big Sean is a fresh face to the game, and he has a lot to offer fans.  If you are a huge fan of Kanye West, then I think you will enjoy some of Big Sean's work.  Now I am by no means saying that Big Sean is anything like Ye', but in a way, they have similar rhyming schemes and creative ways with music.  The song, "Get Em'" featured on his Finally Famous Mixtape, you really can get a sense of a College Dropout feel to the song.  He rhyming scheme and beat presence sort of features that Kanye feel to it, and I think that while they are two completely different musicians, each share small similarities.  Big Sean is going to take the music industry but utter surprise, G.O.O.D. Music has two studs that will be taking over the music industry in the coming years.  Both Big Sean and KiD CuDi (who we have yet to cover) will end up being two of the more successful musicians of 09'.  I hope I can see Big Sean live before he puts out a record, but I doubt I will be able to!  He possess something really special, so if you haven't heard of his music yet, I would advise you download his free mixtape and give it a listen, I promise you that you won't regret it.

So I stumbled upon a track on YouTube that will supposedly be featured on his Finally Famous album, and the video is below.  It is tight!  He freestyled it at Def Jam offices, and it is word for word the same, and is straight fire.  I will post both of them up, he is gonna do it big in 09' so be sure to check back here for more Big Sean updates and news!!!

(MC Serch) Serchlite TV Freestyle - Big Sean:

Supa Dupa (Rumored Track For Finally Famous - The Album):

Supa Dupa Freestyle:

Big Sean & Pharrell In The Studio:

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