There is just so much talent out there, and I think I have covered the primary four artists to be on the lookout for in 2009.  So I decided that I might as well just do a four post special to sum it all up and just throw the names out there for everyone.  Don't say I didn't warn you all about these guys, they are the ones to really keep an eye on in 09' considering they are all planning on dropping albums this upcoming year.

We are going to knock off the first of four on our "Incoming Class of 09'" list.  We are going to start off with Charles Hamilton.  I don't know if any of you have really heard about him lately, but if you have, it was probably linked to his current beef with the ever-so-hated Soulja Boy.  While that may be the case, he is still going to be a big time rapper in the music industry, and he possess a certain sound and vibe that makes people want to go and listen to him.  If you were to go onto YouTube and search up a freestyle by him, you would have to take a step back and try and figure out how in the good lords name he is sitting there spitting lyrics out of the blue!

Charles is the type of guy that brings a fierce and strong personality to the Rap game.  He is someone who has a lot to offer both fans, and a record company, seeing as I am sure his Freshman release will be selling many units.  He will be one of the key guys to focus on in 09' especially depending on how his beef with Soulja ends up turning out.  The fact that he has already had beef with someone as, "big" as Soulja is something special.  He has taken so many shots at the young rapper who believes he has become the new face of hip-hop.  The thing that I like about Charles is that he knows when to pick his fights, and he knows who to pick his fights with.  Soulja Boy was an excellent choice to battle, and on top of that, he has a reason to do so.  Soulja Boy is the biggest joke in Hip-Hop today.  He has done nothing but cause problems in the music industry, and screw things up.

Anyway, another great thing about Charles is that he is fearless.  The guy may have a little bit of what some would say, "a large ego" but his music game can back it up.  In a way, he is a bit like Kanye (with the whole ego thing), I think that because of his strong headed ego and his ability to back up his words with music, he should become a successful musician.  Unlike Soulja Boy who has a huge ego, and no game, Charles will be one of the few young musicians whose ego will help propel his music and ideas.  I am telling you all right now that he has a little bit of Kanye in him.  A little bit of fight, a little bit of, "I need to show the world something" and because of that, he will be a force in the 09' album list.  Charles Hamilton is just one out of the four up and coming musicians to keep an eye on in 09' and there are many more out there who we may not cover.  If you like what you heard about Charles Hamilton, check out his information below!

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