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Well I don't really know what I was expecting from Common on this one.  He definitely changed up the style and tempo on this album, and it features a much more upbeat and faster paced album, something that I am not too used to, coming from Common.  Don't get me wrong, he put out a great album, and he put it at a very unique price of 99 cents, so I really think that he did a great job with it.  All I was saying was that it is different, something I truly am not used to.  His hit single, "Universal Mind Control (UMC) (Feat. Pharrell)" is unreal, the hottest track on the album by far.  The second best track on the album has to be "Make My Day (Feat. Cee-Lo)."  This track is classic Common, and it definitely has that Gnarls Barkley feel to it.  I think Common and Gnarls Barkley would be a great combination.  I mean just give that one track a listen, and you will hear it for yourself.  If Common were to do a combo album with Gnarls Barkley, it would for sure be straight fire.  I know I am just a blogger, and I doubt any big time musician has ever really read the blog, so I doubt the idea would ever reach the two parties, but the track was straight fire!  Anyway, onward with the rest of the album!  It featured a more of a "dance" feel to it, and songs that you would hear in the clubs.  It was a different album coming out of Common, and it only featured eleven tracks (which is kind of normal for a Common album seeing as Finding Forever & Be were each twelve).  The album is out now, and I would advise you all to go out and get it, it is worth your 99 cents, trust me!

Track Listing:
"Intro/Universal Mind Control (UMC) (Feat. Pharrell)" (9.78 out of 10)
"Punch Drunk Love (Feat. Kanye West)" (9 out of 10)
"Make My Day (Feat. Cee-Lo Green)" (9.6 out of 10)
"Sex 4 Sugar" (8.8 out of 10)
"Announcement (Feat. Pharrell)" (9 out of 10)
"Gladiator" (9.3 out of 10)
"Changes (Feat. Muhsinah)" (8.78 out of 10)
"Inhale" (8.89 out of 10)
"What A World (Feat. Chester French)" (9.45 out of 10)
"Everywhere" (9.45 out of 10)
"Break My Heart (Live) (Bonus Track)" (9 out of 10)

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