So we added a small new feature to the blog, nothing really big.  If you read the blog often, or just enjoy what we do, then hit up the "Follower" section located to the far right in the sidebar of the blog.  We would love to get a nice group of followers on here, and I know that we really don't get a ton of viewers or as many as we wish to due to our not having any download links like other blogs.  We do opinionated stuff, and we review music, and I would hope that there is some level of appreciation for what we do.  We have been around for about a year now, and our Blog stats have been up big time from what they were in 07' when we first broke into this thing, and we are hoping that our blog will grow more and more each year!  So help us keep growing, pass the blog on to all your friends, family and music fans around the world!  Vote for us in the sidebar, and leave comments under posts!  We love to get feedback and have discussion on stuff, so it would be awesome if you guys posted comments on things!  Also, we were thinking of starting a forum, and we don't know if that would feature downloads or not, but we'll see, we really want to extend our community and make it more user friendly!  Anyway, we'll be back later, if the guy who used to run Ain't Got No Music is reading this, please e-mail me at sickwitityo@gmail.com, I really got to get in touch with ya!

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