Charles Hamilton is the man, nuff' said.  Well, hold up, there is a ton more to say, so I take that back.  Charles possesses this amazing ability to just spit lyrics, have a nice flow to his songs, and just have the ability to do his thing.  I am telling you that he is going to be one of the key artists to be on the lookout for in 09' and you can check out what I had to say about him by CLICKING HERE!  Anyway, I forgot to post up this music video when it first came out, and me being a Soulja Boy "hater" and a huge fan of hip-hop and rap, I got to show you all this (if you haven't seen it yet).  I mean Charles really brought it on this diss track, I mean you hear 50 and Lil' Wayne go at it, and Fiddy and Kanye go at it, and The Game and Mr. Cent go at it, and Young Jeezy and Fifty Cent go at it, and then you have Ja Rule and Fiddy Cent who went at it (wait a minute, this wasn't a post to hate on 50... right? Oh well!), and then you give the Hamilton diss track a listen, and dang, he brought it!  Anyway, check out the diss track below, and his hit single, "Brooklyn Girls,"  I'm telling ya, he is gonna go big in 09' so be on the lookout!

"Brooklyn Girls" Music Video:

"Word? Aight" - Charles Hamilton Disses Soulja Boy:


P.S. I am with The Mixtape Monster on this one...  If you buy a Soulja Boy album or any of his music, don't even bother coming to this blog anymore, I truly am getting sick and tired of Soulja Stupid.

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