So whether you have heard the Sandler trilogy of Chanukah songs, or will be hearing it for the first time, it is something that for sure gives some variety for the holiday season.  Every time I turn on the radio, I hear the same songs, the same Christmas songs, the same old same... and while that may not be a terrible thing, it is good to know that there are some Chanukah songs that can be played.  Then again, they don't really get much air time on the radio, internet, or on the TV.  What I would like to see is MTV take the time and place a video of Sandler singing it during some of the commercials, and even on some of their 'Holiday Playlists'.  So check out the song below, let us know what you think about it, it definitely provides some variety for this Chanukah/X-Mas/Kwanzaa season!

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