This weeks Unknown Artist of the Week is Amos Lee. He has been on the music scene for a little bit and has really made a splash in the business. Some of you most likely have never even heard of this guy so let me tell you a bit more about him. He is a folk singer, and his songs always have a nice mellow, smooth, and soothing sound that can over take anyone in a bad mood, and instantly calm them down. He has been known for not only going on tour by himself, but on numerous occasions he has played with one of the best folk singers of all time. This past year, Amos Lee toured with Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello, and from what I heard, it was a great concert. He has also been known to play with artists: Phil Collins, Van Morrison, Norah Jones, and many others. Amos Lee possess the ability to follow in the footsteps of the great Bob Dylan, in the sense that each write fantastic lyrics. The main difference between the two of them is that Amos Lee has a very nice and appeasing voice, while Bob Dylan has a very raspy and loud voice. I personally am one who enjoys both, others may prefer one over the other. No matter what you prefer, I highly suggest you give Mr. Lee a listen. He currently has two albums out entitled, "Amos Lee" & "Supply and Demand." As I had said in other posts on this blog, not everything here is R&B, Rap, Hip-Hop, and Raggae based. We do listen to many different genre's and these Unknown Artists of the Week are people we believe do have talent and just aren't really big yet. If you give Amos Lee a listen, let us know, we would love to hear what you think about his works!

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Thank goodness there is an option for me to print this post. This option should always be available on any blogs. Anyway, I heard some of this guy's music and it was quite good but I just don't think the music industry would love it since there are a lot of musicians like him already.

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