For those of you iPod and piano fanatics out there I thought I would bring you a really cool application that you could use. iAno by mister aardvark contains a complete four octave keyboard enabling users to press up to 5 keys at once to create complex chords. This application is currently compatible with firmware version 1.1.3, and is available for download for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

To install iAno on your Apple device, make sure to enter the following URL repository to your Installer.app: "http://modmyifone/installer.xml". The program should then appear under the "Toys" section of the installer.

iAno in Action:

And, for those of you who don't play piano, pocketguitar by kastani is available for your pleasure. This 3rd party application turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into an on-screen guitar enabling you to rock out to your favorite songs.

PocketGuitar is now included in ModMyiFone.com Community Source. Make sure you have the latest "Community Sources" package, and you can find it under "Toys" category.

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Guitar How To said... @ July 26, 2011 at 1:01 AM

This application would really be helpful if it could allow beginners to learn. Since iPhone is one of the gadgets present, hope it really helps.

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