Lil' Wayne's sixth studio album has finally got a set release date, and we have finally got more to tell you on it.  I am personally excited for the album, and from various sources, "Tha Carter III" was the most anticipated album of 2007.  The release date was then changed to this year, March 18th, 2008.  "Tha Carter III" should for sure be amazing, but here is what is going down with the album.  As I am sure most have you seen, there have been tracks floating around the web that are Weezy tracks that are supposedly set for his 2008 release.  Well from what I have gathered, those songs may not be on the album at all, but rather, they will be featured on a mixtape called, "The Leak."  It is an interesting idea by Birdman Jr. and making a mixtape out of those leaked tracks is not a bad idea at all!  

His 2008 album release will for sure be great, and there have been two tracks that have been confirmed.  "Lollipop (Feat. Static)" and "Showtime (Feat. Shanell)" are the two tracks confirmed so far.  Each are produced by Deezle. I look forward to "Tha Carter III" and when we hear more about it, we will be sure to post it up, so check back here later.  In the meantime, check out my favorite song featuring Lil' Wayne below entitled, "Pop Bottles" (it is by Birdman).

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