While we posted up awhile back that Akon will be coming out with an album in 2008, we did not have that much information on the upcoming release.  Now we do, and we can confirm that the title for his upcoming album will be called, Acquitted.  His album titles seem to be following a "prison life" trend (or at least the steps of law in which someone has to go through before they are put in jail.)  It is interesting to see how the third album sounds, Akon thinks that is will sound pretty good as he has been quoted, "Akon also explained the record as "worldwide" and stated "The record is so huge. It's too big. [Michael's] the only person I could have collaborated with," while boasting the rest of the album and it's songs as "huge"."  We'll see how "big" this album really will be.  The tentative release date is May 2008.

Just like 50 Cent, Akon chose to do two albums at once.  This means he has already completed both Acquitted and his album to follow his third release entitled, Double Jeopardy.  It has been stated on MTV that Double Jeopardy is already done, and could be released, "30 days."  This being said, if the label companies decide to try and make a big sale with releasing both albums on the same day, they could.  Akon has told them that he could be done with both the albums in thirty days.  I would love to see a double album release day from Akon.  I don't think anything like that has ever been done before.  We'll let you know more on Akon's upcoming albums, but for now this is all we know!

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