Well, so far I have only heard two singles off of Fat Joe's upcoming album and this one is titled, "The Crack House."  The song features Lil' Wayne, and is pretty solid, the same old Fat Joe sound you have been hearing for awhile.  Nothing to special, it is not as hot as some of his past singles like, "Make It Rain."  This was supposed to be the first single off of his album but was then replaced by, "I Won't Tell."  "The Crack House" was released as a "Street Single" and was not released officially as the first single off the album.  "I Won't Tell" got great reception from fans, and I really liked the song.  Both the "Street Single" and the real single will be on the album!  Enjoy listening to them on the video players provided below!  

The next single to drop for Fat Joe's album will be entitled, "300," and it does not have an expected release date as of yet.  The "300 Brolic" beat will be different on the final release of the album, due to the track leaking earlier then the albums release date.  Elephant in the Room will be released supposedly tomorrow (March 11th, 2008).

Track Listing For Elephant in the Room:
"The Fugitive"
"You Ain't Sayin' Nothin (Feat. Dre Dre and Plies)"
"The Crackhouse (Feat. Lil Wayne)"
"Cocababy (Feat. Jackie Rubio)"
"Get It for Life (Feat. DJ Khaled and Pooh Bear)
"I Won't Tell (Feat. J. Holiday)"
"K.A.R. (Kill All Rats)"
"300 Brolic (Feat. Opera Steve)"
"Preacher on a Sunday Morning (Feat. Pooh Bear)"
"My Conscience (Feat. KRS-One)"
"That White"

"I Won't Tell" Music Video:

"The Crack House" Music Video:

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