Well, when is the last time you have heard of MTV banning a music video, and it not being for sexual or inappropriate reasons?  There is a first for everything, and Gnarls Barkley is the first in this situation.  The music video for Gnarls Barkley's first single off their second album is being banned due to the speed and light work used in the video.  The way the video was shot, and the speed in which the frames go at can cause certain viewers to seizure.  The music video failed the Harding Test, and will not be aired on MTV (unless they fix it).  The "Odd Couple" are in dispute with MTV arguing that they do not see how their video could do such a thing, but as far as anyone is concerned, that does not matter.  The video will not air unless it is changed for TV screening, and if it is, then MTV will more than likely lift their ban on the video.

More News To Come When We Hear About It, But For Now, (If You Do Not Seizure Often) Check Out The Music Video Below!

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