You know, you always see those TV shows and hear these stories where people lose their jobs due to technology.  While this generally has to do with people working in manufacturing,  it is now going to be true for music conductors.  Thats right, those guys who stand in front of symphonies, and wave their wands and the music magically comes out in a beautiful crescendo could one day be replaced by a machine.  Thanks to Honda, we could be looking at the future of musical productions.

If you think about it, technology has been advancing so much as of late, but with this ASIMO production from Honda, could this be something that could be ruining the music that is made by symphony houses around the world?  In my opinion, ASIMO is in fact going to change the music world.  What will be next?  New technological machines like ASIMO that can mix and mash music?  The odds are that one day, that will be the case.

ASIMO was made to advance the way life is.  Honda created it to help students get involved in Science and Math and study in those subjects.  The robot was also created to help the elderly, and can function almost like a normal human being.  It is able to have conversations and walk, run, and jog, and do all these activities to perfections.  Also, ASIMO can tell when there are obstacles in the way, and can maneuver around them.  ASIMO stands for: Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility.  The robot is not that much bigger then a  child, and it has a rounded space suit looking head, as you can see in the picture above.  If you think about it, ASIMO can do anything that a human can do... Just look at the picture to the left of this section of the post.

This ASIMO has been introduced as a conductor in the DSO (Detroit Symphony Orchestra) and I am guessing everything will go alright.  The performance is set for May 13th, 2008, and if you are someone who lives in Detroit and checks out ASIMO live in action, please let me and the rest of the viewers know!

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epson 69 said... @ October 18, 2011 at 5:53 AM

I guess the reason why Honda is also focusing with creating Asimo so that they could integrate it with the cars that they are producing. Well is it true that Asimo can also print?

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