So whether or not you have checked out the Music 101 section which is on the far right sidebar of the blog, we have put in there stuff for music.  Hence the name "Music 101."  We have added lots of links, all having to do with music.  Right now we just have piano sheet music sites up there, but if you  have links to other musical sites, please either comment on this post, e-mail them to us, or send us a message on the chat box!  We would love to add more to the Music 101 section, and if you guys help out, I am sure we can make it into a really useful and resourceful section on the blog!

So if you are a guitar player, and you know where to get tabs, send us links!  If you are a drummer, and you know where to get sheet music for that, let us know that as well!  Really, anything that has to do with music should be sent to us!  We really want to make the Music 101 section into something special, so please post up your links!

When telling us a link, state what the site has in it.  So if it is a sheet music site, state what instrument it is for.  If it is for something else, then post up what is for.  We look forward to seeing you guys to partake in the advancement of our Music 101 section, and we hope that everyone benefits from it!

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piano lessons said... @ May 4, 2011 at 3:41 AM

I think that this was a great idea with all the music parts that we are going to listen and to discover in the future. I just hope that thing would turn out well and it would be for the better.

Typhoon Dodong said... @ July 8, 2011 at 3:11 AM

I know some forums that provides good tabs. Give me your email address and I'll send some guitar tabs and sites as well.

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