Well, the highly anticipated Lil' Wayne album has yet another change to it. As you can see above, the album art has changed, and now pictures a young child, in a stripped grey suit, with a ring, and the same tattoos that Lil' Wayne has. Whether you are a Wayne fan or not, the album art for this album has changed so much, and I truly have no idea. I actually do not know if the album art above is confirmed or correct, but I am pretty sure that it is going to be the actual cover for the album. Below will be the past suggested album art for the upcoming Rap stars album which is due out June 10th, 2008.

The album art you see to your left is the one that has been floating around on the web for a very long time. I personally thought that this would be the album cover, and just from the whole tone of the album cover, I got this feeling that the album would have a dark lyrical approach to it, and a less of, "good life" feeling to it. I am sure that this is a picture from the photo shoot for his upcoming album, and someone probably got their hands on it, and created it into an album cover. If that was the case, they did a very good job, and in my opinion, it looks like a sick album cover. Since the album art above has not been confirmed yet, there is no telling if this one, or the one atop of this post is the real Tha Carter III album artwork. I would not be disappointed if it was though.

Probably one of the saddest attempts at faking an album art, this one surely will not be the cover of the upcoming Weezy album. Someone did a poor job photoshopping Lil' Wayne, and the couch in, and the cover itself looks very unprofessional, which is something you don't do when you are putting out an album. Rookie attempt at getting people excited for the album, but I did not buy it for one second. I would be really surprised if this is the actual album art for his album. Also, not to mention, the album cover itself has way to much going on, and the offsetting grey/white does not fit with the couch or colored text. Overall, this is more than likely not the album cover for Wayne's upcoming part three CD of Tha Carter. If it is, it would be a huge disappointment, and an ugly album art.

So now that we got the whole album art thing cleared up, here is what is going down with the album as of now:

Tha Carter III Singles:
The first single off the album is titled, "Lollipop," and is nothing too special out of the Weeze man. I expected a lot better for his opening single, and a track like "Lollipop" just doesn't cut it for me. The track does not have a lot of substance to it, and does not have that, "Birdman Jr." sound to it. I personally don't know how the track has done so well and has been so popular, but in my opinion, it is not that good. I have seen a lot better out of Weezy F. Baby. This track has a different sound and feel to it, something I am not really used to from the Rap star. The track is decent at best, and to be honest, I thought his first single would be much better. Hopefully the second single for the album will be much better, and more "explosive" than the lack-lustering first single. If you want to see the music video for it, Click Here and check it out!

The next single for the album has been confirmed and will be called, "I'm Illi," which has no set release date as of yet. Hopefully as I said above, the track will be much better than the first single off the album.

For now, that is all we know about the singles for the up and coming album from Weezy. I am almost positive that you can expect three to four singles to be released for this album, mainly because the first single was dropped back on March 12th, 2008, and the album will be released on June 10th, 2008. Be sure to check back here for more news on the albums singles, and we will post up more news when we hear more about it.

Album Producers:
Executive Producer - Birdman
Co-Executive Producer - Ronald "Slim" Williams

Song Producers:
  • The Alchamist
  • Bangladesh
  • Cipha Sounds
  • Cool & Dre
  • David Banner
  • Deezle
  • Jay Bezel
  • Jim Jonsin
  • Just Blaze
  • Kanye West
  • Mannie Fresh
  • Scott Storch
  • Solitair
  • Swizz Beatz
  • The Runners
  • Timbaland
  • Will.I.Am
Looks like Weeze Man (the nickname I just made up) has a very solid crew of producers for the album, so I am almost positive that this album as a whole is going to be a good one. I am super amped for the album to be released on June 10th, and hopefully he will do what Gnarls Barkley did, and maybe bump that album release date up a month or two!

Confirmed Tracks:
"I'm Illi (Feat. Corey Gunz)"
"Beat The Block"
"Dr. Carter"
"Eat You Alive (Feat. Ludacris)"
"Let The Beat Build"
"Lollipop (Feat. Static Major)"
"Party Control (Feat. Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, & Nelly Furtado)"
"Showtime (Feat. Shanell)"
"Staring At The World"
"Untitled Track (Feat. Jay-Z)"
"Untitled Track (Feat. Busta Rhymes & Brisco)"

It has also been mentioned that Wyclef Jean, The Game and Juelz Santana will also be featured on the album (whether it is through producing tracks, or featured on tracks, we still don't know). Also, it is apparent that Wayne had written up a song for Eminem (possibly hinting that there could be a new Marshall Mathers record in the making). Eminem has apparently turned down the song, but I would not rule out a return album for the 8 Mile Rap star.

That is all we got on Tha Carter III for right now, but we will be sure to tell you all more when we hear it. For now, just give the first single a listen, and let us know what you think of it.

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Bradley Spalter said... @ October 12, 2011 at 9:07 AM

Well, lil' wayne is really a great icon for today's generation. Me too is actually loving his music.

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