I heard this guy a while back, he freestyled on Jay-Z's ever so popular hit off of American Gangster called "Roc Boys."  It was pretty darn awesome, and the kid has talent.  People are comparing him to Eminem, and I see a bit of Em in him, but not enough to draw a huge comparison.  Other than the fact that he is white, him and Em are pretty different.  The kid has a lot of talent, and he is going to be a big force to be reckoned with when he hits it up on the big stage.  He gained a lot of his fame out of MySpace and YouTube, and many big time artists have been blown away when they heard his stuff.  Akon was taken a back when he chilled with Asher, and I don't know if the Konvict label has signed Mr. Roth yet, but if they do, they will have just another amazing artist on their already big time label company.

Check out his lone mixtape that is out, it's called, Don Cannon and DJ DRAMA present The GreenHouse Effect Vol. 1.  Be sure to check it out, and it is available for download on is site, The Daily Kush.  The mixtape is straight fire, and I will do a review on it soon, but you gotta get your hands on it.  It is one of the hottest mixtapes I have heard in a long while.  So be sure to cop the mixtape, and check back here for more Asher Roth updates and news!

Check Out Asher Freestylin' On "A Millie"

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Anonymous said... @ November 30, 2008 at 4:58 PM

i listened to his mixtape the "green house effect", even though he may be the best white rapper since eminem. that goes by saying that there are not many good white rappers besides eminem. so this is a complement to him... he is a good white rapper, not a good rapper in general. he was on the cover of XXL for top 10 best class of 2009 new rappers.

here is my criticism of him. his beats are annoying and there are so many roc boys remixes out there, his roth boys does not stand out. it is a parody of the song rather than a new version. parody's do not make you a rapper. you cannot just change every few words, it takes more than that to be original. he needs more originality is his rhymes. and i get it he is a jewish white nerdy boy who luvs bitches. i do not know why the hell dj drama was part of this. though he loves to find new talented rappers out there. but at least 3 of his songs on his album is about tits. come on, the only way those songs would sell if there was a great music vid with hot girls on it. otherwise it is week.

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