So you guys should know this by now, but we love to hate on that three times on your boiiieeee SOULJA BOYYYY. Yeah that kid's a tool. But what we love even more is when artists hurt on other ones, or just other people in the media in general. Like that time that Weezy called out Al Sharpton in his rant in one of his songs on Tha Carter III, calling him "Don King with a perm". Nice. And we digress.

I've never heard of this band, but maybe a few of you have. The English Pop group, Take That, called out Amy Winehouse in one of their recent songs, "How Did it Come to This" that will be going out on their new upcoming album, The Circus. I mean it isn't confirmed that they're calling it out, but their awesome fans spot their malicious intentions. One part of the song goes a little something like this: "Slightly schizophrenic…slightly OCD"...Yeah that's Amy. Burn.....ouchies, I felt that one from here. They then go on to drag out stuff and allude to some crazy, neurotic individual, "a girl in Camden Town", asking, "How did it come to this?" and so on and so forth.

I'm sorry Amy, but you just got called out. And maybe they're not trying to hurt you, but really telling you to stop being a rebel and to follow the advice of your peers. Go to rehab! You're going to die of emphazema in like 2 years anyway, so come on prolong your life. We don't want you to die, we just don't want you singing about not going to rehab anymore, just like we really don't care that Katy Perry kissed a girl and liked it. Keep that to yourself, jeez.

Well that about wraps it up. And who knows, maybe they're not actually talking to you, it's just speculation. So if you read this and you get upset, yeah you can hate on us, but we'll just hate on you back.

Take that and rewind it back, Take that's got the rhymes that make yo' ego go THWACKKK.

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