Stephen Colbert decided to call out Mr. West on one of his TV shows.  No biggie, considering Ye' has already taken care of Fiddy and all those "haters" out there, Colbert should not be a problem, right?  The comments Colbert made on Ye' taking the #1 spot on iTunes was pretty funny, and he really does have a great sense of humor.  Apparently Ye' took his comments seriously and responded to Colbert's segment via his Twitter.  It was all fun and games hopefully, and I don't think this will carry as a serious 'beef' thing between the two.  I would actually love to see Ye' on Colbert, I think it would make for an interesting and fun show.

Anyway, peep the video below, and let us know what you think... Check Back Here Later For More Ye' Updates!

Colbert's Take On Ye'

User-Made Colbert's Humble of Ye'

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