I love Dispatch. And you should too. It's really a shame that these guys have disappeared, because behind Guster these guys are my second favorite band. The song I have for you guys today, sorry it's a day late, is "Flying Horses". When I listen to the song, I feel mesmerized and enveloped by the acoustic guitar, harmonica, and heavenly lyrics. This song is so special to me that it is hard to describe. My comments are truly unworthy of the song; listening to it is all that you need. Trust me, if you've never heard this song you will be blown away. I think of a heavenly desert scene being painted in front of me. It's just unreal.


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Harmonica Lessons said... @ September 16, 2011 at 3:53 AM

Wow I have to admit, I also was mesmerized by the combination of an acoustic guitar and a harmonica. With both of these instruments, the song was amazing. Now I want to learn how to play harmonica, since I know a bit of playing the guitar.

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