Well it is rumored that Kanye West will be hanging up his musical career in the closet, and possibly shifting gears and getting more involved with fashion.  Now I don't blame the guy, or disrespect the guy, he is at his high point in his career, and there is no reason not to go out while you are on the top.  As of right now, he has release four amazing albums, and while I would be sorrowed to find out tomorrow that Yeezy is hanging it up for good, I just don't know what I would do.  Fact of the matter is that no matter Yeezy does, we will support him and his fans should to.

An Insider Stated The Following:
“He’s been through a lot in the past year and I know he’s just not into [hip-hop] like he was before.”

“When I spoke to him, he just kept talking about how he wanted to go into fashion. [and] create his own label and all that.”
I truly hope that this is merely a rumor, and that he won't be hanging up the mic for good. Then again, he has recently signed some new artists to the label, so I don't see him being completely out of the music scene, but maybe he will just stop doing albums and mixtapes and end up doing features on songs and remixes. Whatever he does do though, we support him and his decision.


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