Mixtape Ranking: A

Oh wow... Well isn't this newcomer a pleasant surprise!  CuDi brings a lot to the table, and he seems to be a very versatile rapper and lyricist.  His tunes and melody is pretty dang solid, and his voice really caps off all the tracks he does.  His hit single that is also featured on the mixtape, "Day N' Night" really exemplifies how much skill this kid has got.  I can see why Ye' was quick to sign this boy up to his label.  I am normally not AMPED for new music out of musicians I don't really know, but this guy has what it takes to make it big in the industry, and like Kanye, he will put out a hit album almost every time he releases one.  He has this great creative mind and his tunes are awfully catchy.  He possess some Ye' in him, his flow and sound is very similar, and I think he will fit in well with the G.O.O.D. Music label.  You all got to go cop this mixtape, I promise you that it won't be a let down, and it will probably be one of the best things you've listened to in a long while.  Be sure to check back here for more KiD CuDi updates, news, and upcoming 2009 album news from this up and coming star.  I am telling you all, if you don't cop this kids mixtape, you are only missing out!

Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Down & Out
3. Is There Any Love? feat. Wale (Produced by Emile)
4. Cudi Get
5. Man On The Moon (The Anthem) (Produced by NOSAJTHING)
6. The Prayer (Produced by Plain Pat)
7. Day N Nite (Produced Dot Da Genius)
8. Embrace The Martian - Crookers feat. Kid Cudi
9. Maui Wowie
10. 50 Ways To Make A Record (Produced by Emile & Plain Pat)
11. Whenever
12. Pillow Talk
13. Save My Soul (The Cudi Confession)
14. T.G.I.F. feat. Chip The Ripper
15. Cudi Spazzin
16. Cleveland Is The Reason (Produced Dot Da Genius)
17. Heaven At Nite

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Anonymous said... @ April 2, 2009 at 1:17 PM

What a ridiculous review - yes Cudi is talented an i really enjoyed the mixtape after repeated listens and still do but he sounds nothing like Mr West - Cudi's sound is completely different and not as mainstream

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