Kanye has signed them up, and while this may be old news, Big Sean and KiD CuDi are the future of the Rap and Hip-Hop industry.  Kid CuDi brings an interesting aspect to the music game, and features some Kanye West style in his lyrical scheme, however his beats sound heavier and you get a sense of Pharrell style on his musical touch.  On the other hand, he is also a Cleveland, Ohio native, as is Ye' & Common, so I am sure they were glad to sign another OH native to the label.  Not far from Cleveland, Ohio lays the other to-be big name musician, Big Sean.  Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, he features a new voice to the Rap game, and is a breathe of fresh air.  I am glad Ye' found these two guys as they are for sure going to be big one day, and you can tell it just by listening to their mixtapes.  Kid CuDi's Plain Pat & Emile Presents a KiD named CuDi has been playing in my iTunes library for about a week straight.  The kid is straight fire and I highly suggest you pick up the mixtape.  We will post a link up to the mixtape once we do the review, and maybe we will get a Big Sean mixtape review in the coming days.  

Check back here for more GOOD Music, KiD CuDi, & Big Sean Information!!!

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