"X" has done it again... he failed to show up to his second court hearing. He is being charged for theft, identity theft, drug and animal abuse charges, that all come from at the least three separate legal issues.  His bail has now been pushed up to $120,000 from its once rather low $10,000.  I truly don't understand why musicians and even actors can't stay out of trouble.  I mean it is getting out of hand... DMX has had past legal woes, but this is just rediculous.  Back when Rock was the only thing people was listening to, you never heard about all these types of lawsuits and charges being filed against the musicians.  When was the last time you opened up the paper and saw on the front page... "THE BEATLES KONVICTED"

I don't see why it is so hard for people who are in the limelight to act like every other person and obey the law.  Does it take that much of an effort to control yourself.  If you think about it for just about a second, it would appear that it is.  DMX exemplifies a 15 year old in a 37 year old man.  His immature actions are that of a teenager who does not know how to act in a mute way.  Except in reality, DMX is a 37 year old man who can't control himself.  There is a serious problem with that, if you ask me.  It is pretty ridiculous that I am even ranting on this issue, so I am going to end it within the next couple of sentences.  The main point is that grown men should be acting more mature than teenage boys.  Enough Said...

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