Well 50 has been bringing it with power 100% of the time, and while I truly hate 50 Cent, I have to say that the guy may be the beef master.  He is just killing Rick Ross out there, the guy is running his beef campaign like Barack Obama's presidential campaign.  To tell you the truth, Fiddy is being effective and hitting it hard.  On one of his tracks (dissing the heavy weight Rick Ross), he brings in some information about Ricky's past relations with Foxy Brown.  Anyway, the head of G-Unit may have just found a new enemy, and seeing as he is not the apologetic type, instead of apologizing to Ms. Brown about her name coming up in the track, he just eggs her on further!  Check the video below and see how he takes it even farther!!!

"Foxy is giving that n***a 24 hour [period] to retract that statement or she's going handle [him] Brooklyn Style."

Ironically, after 50 Cent wrote the initial song, Rick Ross gave 50 Cent 48 hours to offer a more substantial response. 50 Cent returned with a number of insulting videos, including cartoons and a taped shopping spree with the mother of Ross' child.

In other beef news, we got the up and coming Maino talking about the beef situation between the two musicians, and he pretty much just explains what he thinks is going on and states his opinion on the topic.

Then you have the diss track that 50 put out entitled, "I'll Be The Shooter (Rick Ross Diss)" and then there was a video that Fiddy put out, Part II of the "Officer Ricky" series (which you can view below).

Saturday Cartoon - "How Officer Ricky Got Signed (Feat. Jay-Z)" Episode 2 

Then you have the Tia and 50 Cent interview that went down on Shade 45 where Tia talks about how she met Ricky and a lot of other stuff about the feud that is going on between 50 Cent and Officer Ross.  The two of them are really going at it, but at this point, 50 Cent is in the lead, and he has shown his power, seeing as he has gotten to turn Ricky's past baby momma against him.

On top of all that beef going between 50 and Ricky, MIMS recently talked about how certain musicians took shots at him, and besides his big thing with Jay-Z, who else took shots at him.
MIMS Addressed Jay-Z, 50 Cent, & Lil Wayne For Taking Shots, and he named the ones who mattered the most who have hated on him recently.  You can check the interview below, and see for yourself... MIMS is a lost cause, 50 Cent or any of the other musicians in that list of his would ether the crap out of him.

Then you had 50 Cent on 50 Cent Power 105.  He reads Rick Ross's financial affidavit live on air, which is another shot to the stomach (the very large stomach that is) of Ricky Ross.  Give that a listen below!


Then Rick Ross called up The Ricky Smiley Morning Show & denied being a cop... Check the recording below...


Okay, so I think ya'll have been caught up on the current beef that has been going on and the little intricacies of it all... and we will be covering more of it as the diss's come rolling out.  Also be on the lookout for more Bow Wow/Souja Boy beef in the near future!

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