Here is some more diss'in from Ricky Rawse.  I don't even know why he keeps trying, he should really just end this whole beef thing because it will more than likely hurt his musical career rather than help it.  Anyway, we don't really feature downloads on the blog, but when it comes to diss tracks, we do!  So check below for the two tracks and let us know what you think about them.  The first diss track is called, "Blame It" and he goes off on 50 Cent all over Jamie Foxx's hit single.  The second track is titled, "What Goes Around, Comes Around."  If he is correct, that means 50 Cent will be coming around with some much bigger punches then the ones he has thrown thus far.  The ball is still in 50's court and until Mr. Rawse does something big, I don't see him coming out of this 'beef' in better shape then when he entered it.



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