Well this project by Mr. Hamilton is for sure going to be tight.  He told ya'll he was going to bring it in 09', and this project is going to be dropping fairly soon (February 13th, 2009 to be exact!)  He has done an excellent job with the early part of his career, he has taken on Soulja Boy and Rhymefest in the early goings.  He has collaborated with Asher Roth (fellow up and coming musician) and is for sure going to make a dent in the music industry with his upcoming project release.  He promised us that he would still have an interview with us, so I am holding it to him (haha)!  Anyway, Charles is a great guy to work with, and while I forgot to cover this in his Incoming Class post, he is an extremely hard working musician.  He is always on top of everything, and always has time for his fans and small-time blogs like us, SO THANKS TO YOU CHARLES HAMILTON, YOUR THE MAN!

C. Hamilton on the Project:
Basically, the project is an episode of "Cinematic Hallucinations", which is like a Masterpiece Theatre kind of show. It's hosted and narrated by Conner Harrington (me). And the movie being premiered is "Well Isn't This Awkward", a movie that stars Charles Hamilton and an "anonymous" female.
Charles Hamilton is a homeless musician (not a hard role to play) that has a paranormal romantic bond with a rich young woman that lives in a penthouse. They never verbally spoke or physically saw each other, but they're in love in their own dimension.

One day, the owner of the building invited Charles inside to play his music for the people of the building. This is his chance to both impress a crowd of rich people who can possibly change his living situation and let the girl he's in love with supernaturally know how he feels... on the surface.
Cop the track "Scorpion" which Hamilton leaked on his blog today.  The track sounds like straight fire, and unlike other musicians, he leaks his own stuff for his fans, nothing illegal about it!  Thanks C. Hams!

Track Listing:
1. Cinematic Hallucinations (Intro)
2. Scorpion
3. Neverland
4. RomanticVents
5. Re-Anna
6. Match.com (Commercial Break)
7. You Too?
8. Tengo Una Pregunta
9. Psycho Bitch
10. The Penthouse Elevator
11. In Case It Doesn't
12. In Case I Actually Get Her

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