Some of you may think that Nate Robinson himself is Dwight Howard's kryptonite, but us at TGLR think that we have found the actual cause to Dwight's destruction...FRESH Kicks. For some time now I have been marveling at the Nike Foamposite shoes, made famous by none other than Penny Hardaway and Tim Duncan. They looked so cool, but were always too expensive, and supposedly way too heavy. Nike wanted to change that (the heaviness, unfortunately not the price). The Foamposite Lite shoes are going to be the hottest pair of kicks you can cop in the Spring '09, and hopefully I can get a hand on a pair for myself. With a wide variety of colors, a wide variety of NBA Ballers wearing them, and Nate Robinson, the little "Kryptonate" himself, winning the dunk contest wearing a lime green to yellow dope ass gradient on his feet, you know they will be the shoes to see and be seen in. If you successfully cop a pair, or know where we can get our hands on a pair for a cheap deal please let us know. For now you can marvel at Nate, his greatness, and his FRESH KICKS.

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