The seventh installment on this long list of musicians to keep an eye on is a guy from Toronto, Canada that goes by the nickname "Drizzy" and a stage name of Drake.  Drake has popped on the scene recently and has definitely started to cause a commotion with his recent mixtape release entitled, So Far Gone.  You already know how I feel about both him as a musician and his OUTSTANDING mixtape.  The guy spits straight fire and while there are plenty of people out there that don't really dig Rap, this guy brings a whole new style to rapping/hip-hop/r'n'b.  He sort of formulates a recipe that combines all three genres into one song and that song style is featured on every track of the mixtape.  Each song he has put out has so many positives and very little negatives/criticism.  Anyway, if you haven't heard about him thus far, then listen up boys and girls!

As of right now, both So Far Gone and Charles Hamiltons' Well Isn't This Awkward are getting the most air time on my computers iTunes.  It is funny, seeing as I never really thought that Drake would ever have anything too special to offer the game and that he would just be another mediocre musician in the music industry.  BOY was I wrong!  The Canadian rapper sure knows how to bring the heat, and he has proven to both myself and to the music world that he is ready to 'wow' the industry and start making some noise.  I think that him and Lil' Wayne compliment each other very nicely on the tracks that Weezy is featured on.  I would not go out and say that Weezy will bring him success, but I think that with Weezy F. Babies support, things can only get better for this young up and coming musician.  The industry is tough, and Drake definitely has what it takes to succeed, and I think you will all see this once he drops his first album.  If you are a doubter, than go ahead and download So Far Gone, and judge it for yourself, I promise you that it will definitely up there on my Top 10 Mixtapes of 2009 (if I remember to include it, which I should!) 

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