I am a little late on this video post up, but I figured why not, this interview is hilarious!  I don't know what Mr. Phoenix was toking or smoking before this interview, but he is for sure out of it!  This is not the only thing that has really started the downfall that is Joaquin Phoenix.  Earlier this year, he was "rapping" at a party and fell off stage.  Along with him falling off stage, if you give his "music" (If you can call it that) a listen from his live performance, you can tell that it really isn't anything good.  In fact, it is rather awful.  In my opinion, Joaquin should stick to movies and not retire from making great films instead of moving onto "rapping" or "Hip-Hop" as he calls it.  It really isn't his strong point!  Check the interview below, I am sure you will all get a good laugh out of it.

Joaquin Phoenix on David Letterman:

P.S. Look at his hair-do, and that beard... The guy could star in the Geico commercials... GEEZ!!!

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