So my friend and I were talking and all of a sudden his phone goes off. My friend hates answering the phone (for some stupid reason) and his ringtone is set to a sweet sounding song that I have never heard of before. The ringtone finishes up, and his voicemail goes off, and a message is left. As we continued to talk, I asked my friend is his ringtone was a song by Coldplay. He laughed and told me I was out of my mind! Apparently the track was a Keane song, and if you have ever heard them before, they sound eerily similar to the UK band Coldplay. Anyway, I went back home and the first thing I did was go on my computer and search up this new musical group I had heard of. I ended up stumbling into Amazon.com and two minutes later, I bought Under The Iron Sea. The CD consisted of twelve solid tracks and each and every song filled my ears with a soothing sound that really relaxed me. It is interesting because their sound is SO similar to Coldplay. You have the piano based music which Coldplay is big on, and then you have the drum set that comes in (just like with Coldplay) and they also throw a guitar in there too! The sound ends up being very similar to Coldplay. Keane consists of Tim Rice-Oxley, Tom Chaplin, and Richard Hughes. The trio has come a long way and they have recently (2008) put out another album that we will be covering on the blog pretty soon.

If you are a Coldplay fan, I have a feeling you'll enjoy listening to Keane. They have that calm/rock sound to them, one that is hard to reproduce. Some Coldplay fans hate Keane due to the extreme similarities between the two bands. These fans that are Anti-Keane state that Kean "stole" the Coldplay sound and are using it for their own success. In my opinion, music is music, and style is meant to be shared. The Fray sound pretty similar to many bands out there, and that is not a BAD thing, rather, it puts more music out there and caters to many fans who don't have any new music to listen to. Under The Iron Sea was a fantastic album, one I highly suggest for all to go out and purchase, or at least give one of their six singles off the album a listen. If you like Coldplay, The Fray, or Death Cab For Cutie, then you will for sure enjoy the sweet melodies and tunes that Keane pumps out on this album. Go to Amazon or the iTunes Music Store (or even your local CD store, or local Used CD store) and pick up a copy of both Under The Iron Sea and Perfect Symmetry, I promise I won't let you down with this purchase! If you were Keane, you would listen to me and take my advise!

Under The Iron Sea Track Listing:
"Is It Any Wonder?"
"Nothing in My Way"
"Leaving So Soon?"
"A Bad Dream"
"Hamburg Song"
"Put It Behind You"
"The Iron Sea"
"Crystal Ball"
"Try Again"
"Broken Toy"
"The Frog Prince"

Under The Iron Sea & Perfect Symmetry In Stores Now!!!
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Learn Piano said... @ August 5, 2011 at 2:38 AM

I heard some of Keane's songs and it wasn't that bad. I liked how they make all the instruments work together for a better song. Piano then drums then guitar and boom.

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