So I think I am going to call it a night for right now, but be sure to check back here tomorrow for some updates and exclusives.  For sure some news and possibly an interview will be featured on the blog by the end of the week, just some stuff to be excited about.  Maybe we will throw in another random crap post, if we do, it will be a killer one!  For sure some more beef news will be covered on the blog (seems like all we have been doing now a day!) and possibly some sound-bytes from musicians and what they think about the news and stuff going on in the music industry.  We are going to be covering some Charles Hamilton tomorrow, for sure covering the new Drake mixtape, and possibly give ya'll a taste of what is to come with an Incoming Class of 09' post!?  I guess I will just surprise you all with that one.  Well that's all for now, be on the lookout for some big-time posts tomorrow, and be sure to leave your idea and comment on the blog!

Good Night Planet Earth!!!

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