I am going to be brutally honest, I have never heard of this guy named Copywrite, but I must say that he is sure starting to make a buzz.  He recently released a diss track (his second one against Mr. Roth) and it came in response to Asher's "Silly Boy" track.  Now I have never really heard of Copywrite before, but he brought his game to the table, and I will be keeping an eye out for Asher to shoot over a response.  Boy are the young up and coming rappers following the footsteps of big time musicians like Kanye & 50 Cent, Jay-Z & Nas, and many other greats who have fought it out.  I am going to be honest and say what I think about this whole beef deal, so don't go ahead an bite my head off for the comment.  All I am going to say is that this Copywrite guy sure seems like someone who is just mad that a "white" rapper (like himself) is becoming big and he is not.  There is no reason to start beef with someone unless they have hurt you (first hand) or called you.  I don't know if "Silly Boy (Copywrite Diss)" was directed to Copy in response to his first diss track "Cremation (Asher Roth Diss Track)" or not, but whatever the case, I think this Copywrite is just a big old COPYCAT.  Someone who is trying to show up Asher and someone who is just trying to impede another musician from gaining a lot of popularity.  To Asher, Copy must be just a drop in the glass for him, he is miniscule, and really isn't a problem.  He may be a pest, but Asher for sure can take care of him easily, I don't see how COPYCAT can just go ahead and rip on Asher... I wonder if he is jealous that his music hasn't been getting out there, so he has decided to rip on Mr. Roth to get his name out there and for more of his tracks to get played.  I don't know his reasoning, but in my opinion, he is one big poser.

Copyright Diss Tracks:
"Cremation (Asher Roth Diss Track)" [ShareBee] [MediaFire]
"The Real Fake Slim Shady (Asher Roth Diss Track)" [ShareBee] [MediaFire]

Asher Roth Diss Track:
"Silly Boy (Copywrite Diss Track)" [zShare] [MediaFire]

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