It's your boy, Asher Roth. Finally, the album cover and track list have been released for Asher's debut studio album. While the exact date has not been confirmed as of yet, the album will be dropping sometime in Spring 2009. The album is almost done, but Asher is just waiting on a few featured artists in the wing, rumored to be Luda, Cee-Lo, and maybe even Lady Gaga. The album cover is pretty cool on this one, and we love to see our boy sleepin' on a bread shelf with a fake piece of bread in his hand. Nice one. Make sure to save up your bones, b/c this album is gonna be one of the freshest albums we see this year. SoSickWitItYo and I cannot wait! Let's go out and support the artist on this one so that we can see some more from this up and coming bro.

Track List:
  1. "Lark on My Go-Cart"
  2. "Blunt Cruisin'"
  3. "I Love College"
  4. "Bad Day" (featuring Jazze Pha)
  5. "Be by Myself" (featuring Cee-Lo)
  6. "Sour Patch Kids"
  7. "She Don't Want a Man"
  8. "As I Em" (featuring Chester French)
  9. "His Dream" (featuring Miguel)
  10. "Ladida"
  11. "Leo the Lion" (featuring Ludacris)
  12. "Fallin'"
  13. "Nothing You Can't Do"
  14. "Hova"
Watch out for Asher Roth's Asleep In The Bread Aisle
Coming to stores near you, Spring 2009!!!

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