He's waiting for Doc to bring his bottle of Cristal

SoSickWitItYo can rep MoTown all he wants, but its time to spread some Boston love on Tha Good Life.

Nicknames are important. Just hearing the names HOVA, B.I.G, or DMX instill fear in the hearts of thugs and white boys nationwide. Before a few nights ago, I wasn't sure about the common name of Glen Davis aka Big Baby. Here's some background on this guy. He was a dominant force on the 2006 LSU team, throwing all 289 pounds of him to get the Tigers to the Final Four. After holding a huge press conference for his eligibility for the NBA draft, analysts realized that "more cushion for the pushin" does not make the best big man in the big leagues. He fell to the 2nd round, but was graced by the magical hand of Danny Ainge to come to the Celtics with the godly Ray Allen. He's scrapped, fought, bounded, and jiggled his way as a crowd favorite, because what Bostonite wouldn't want to raise his Guinness and toast "TO BIG BABY!!!!!!!!!!!"

Flash foward to 2009 Playoffs. Kevin Garnett is out. Leon Powe is hobbled. Brian Scalabrine looks like a Jackie Moon and a Leprechaun love child. Whose going to step it up? That's right. Big Baby. He stomped all over Joakim "I am Woman, Hear Me Roar" Noah and Brad "WHERE'S MY TOOTH???" Miller, and is holding his own against mild-mannered Dwight Howard.

I love Glen Davis. He's a fighter, and deserves respect. When I went to the TD Bank North Garden, I passed by the Big Three shirts for a #11 jersey. And then, Game 4 against the Magic...

Pick and roll off of Pierce, left open, 25 footer, and he buried it. I exploded. I banged on the floor. I screamed until my throat was raw with pride. I doubled over in laughter when realizing he pushed a kid in his celebration. BIG FREAKING BABY NAILED A GAME WINNER! AH!

(Note: Kids by Chitty Bang was playing from ICECrush's laptop. Coincidence?)

Next game, he comes up steps it up again, with 42 minutes, 22 points on 8 of 16 shooting, 7 rebounds, 2 assists, and 1 block. He needs to finish the series strong, hopefully double-double, and bring the C's to the Eastern Conference Finals against the Cleveland LeBrons

I love this Baby, I love this team, I love this game.

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