Every now and then, the music industry is graced with an album that is truly extraordinary, something that gives fans around the world a great listen, on every single track.  Back on my B.S. or known as B.O.M.B. is just that, in every sense of the word, "extraordinary."  B.O.M.B. features a lot of different musicians on a lot of tracks, and the album gives listeners a lot of everything.  Some tracks are fast paced songs that just get your riled up and ready for whatever it is you have to do, while other tracks are much slower, and have a heavier drum beat. Whatever the case is, every track on this album was straight fire, and even if you have not listened to Busta's other great albums, I would advise picking this one up.

Busta's most recent release features something that you don't really find on my other albums out there.  He put a concentrated effort on every single track, making each one good enough to be released as a single.  The great part about this album was that while it did take forever for its' release, it gave Mr. Rhymes and all who he worked with, enough time to truly make this project special.  Tracks like "Give Em What They Askin For," "Hustler's Anthem '09," "Respect My Conglomerate," and "Don't Believe Em" are all tracks that take time to make.  Those are just to name a few really great and stand out tracks on the album.  I wish more artists would take more time on their releases instead of spitting out a record each and every year, I would prefer a really great album every year, two years, or even three years!  Sure, I would be itching to hear new stuff from musicians, but that's what mixtapes, mashups, and remixes are for!  Musicians out there need to spend more time on their LP's and give the fans what they really want... Quality is better then Quantity.

Another thing that really made this album what it is was all the producers that went all in on this musical project.  Cool & Dre, Dr. Dre, Pete Rock Focus..., The Neptunes, Ty Fyffe, Mike Shinoda, DJ Scratch, Ron Browz, Mr. Porter, Jelly Roll, Danja, Swizz Beatz, King Karnov, Needlz (just to name a few) all played a large role on the outcome of the LP.  It seems like that no matter what Cool & Dre touch, it turns into solid gold.  Same goes for The Neptunes, Danja, Swizz Beatz and Dr. Dre.  I mean that is an all-star producing lineup right there, Busta drafted some of the top producers in the music game, and because of that, it put his album over the top. 

Producers can make or break an album sometimes, but in most cases, the musicians featured on an album can either really help advance the greatness of an LP or decrease the popularity exponentially.  Busta made excellent choices in who he had featured on tracks, and the thing that I love about Mr. Rhymes is that he puts a ton of musicians on his musical works.  He featured some big names on this album, such as: Weezy, Jadakiss, T-Pain, Pharrell, Akon, T.I., Jamie Foxx, Mary J Blige, John Legend & Common, and Estelle.  All of these musicians really helped put Busta's album over the decent/good level, and turned it into something truly special.  I think that this album will ultimately go down as one of Busta Rhymes' better albums, and if you don't really know his stuff, then I advise picking up this album and giving it a listen, I promise it won't be a let down!  Most of the tracks on the album are gold, and I don't know how someone put together an album so great (then again, he has had forever to work on it, seeing as it's original projected release date was December 4, 2007).  Anyway, the album came out May 19th (in the UK, the 18th) and is in stores now.  I give this album a straight up A, without any hesitation or denial.  Normally, I am hesitant with the grade I give an album, and generally give it two grades (i.e. A-/A or something like that), but I can confidently say that this album deserves a "A" and that it should be listened by all hip-hop/rap fans out there.  The LP is not done justice if you just listen to a few tracks, you have to listen to the whole thing through in entirety to see the true beauty and greatness of Back on my B.S.

Back On My B.S. (B.O.M.B.) Track Listing:
  1. Wheel Of Fortune
  2. Give Em What They Askin For
  3. Respect My Conglomerate (Feat. Lil' Wayne & Jadakiss)
  4. Shoot for the Moon
  5. Hustler's Anthem '09 (Feat. T-Pain)
  6. Kill Dem (Feat. Pharrell & Tosh)
  7. Arab Money (Feat. Ron Browz) 
  8. I'm A Go and Get My... (Feat. Mike Epps)
  9. We Want In (Feat. Ron Browz, Flipmode Movement, Spliff Star & Show Money)
  10. We Miss You (Feat. Demarco & Jelly Roll)
  11. Sugar (Feat. Jelly Roll)
  12. Don't Believe Em (Feat. Akon & T.I.)
  13. Decision (Feat. Jamie Foxx, Mary J Blige, John Legend & Common)
  14. World Go Round (Feat. Estelle)
  15. How You Really Want It (Feat. Jesse West) (Bonus Track)

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