It is very rare to find someone as skilled lyrically and musically as Mickey Factz.  I really don't know what it is about the guy, but he has this sort of aura that really just stands out amongst the young musicians who are now coming out of nowhere in the music industry.  There are a lot of guys out there who either have it, or don't have it... and if you haven't been told yet, let me be the first to tell ya!  Mickey Factz can walk the walk, and talk the talk.

So what does Mickey bring to the table?  He has got a load of spunk and a fresh outlook on the world about him.  He doesn't just make music about nothing, it deals with life and topics that are in the here and now.  The dude has been gaining popularity as of late, and has been collaborating with a bunch of young fresh musicians like B.o.B., KiD CuDi, and a few other rising stars in the music game.  He has been putting out mixtapes left and right, and has been featured on some pretty big tracks.  The guy has been blowing up as of late, and if he continues down the path he already his, he may become one of the biggest names in the music industry!  He's a hardworking guy who does the little things.  From what I have gathered, he is rather friendly with his friends, and is really a fans type of musician.

When it comes to music, you know we feature only the best (and point out the worst!)  Mickey Factz is definitely someone to keep an eye on and be sure to check back here for more updates and information on the up and coming musician.  Mickey has been featured on XXL's magazine cover and has had many features on the XXL web-site.  Anyway, ya'll know who it is, check out Mickey Factz on here, and other popular music blog's the dude is going to be blowing up real soon, so be sure to keep an eye out for him!

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