Well I had a very interesting day yesterday, aside from it being busy with tons of posts and updates and twitter and what not, it included a, "Freestyle" Interview with Charles Hamilton.  Now why do I say "Freestyle?"  The answer is simple... I never planned on this interview to happen.  I sort of wanted to just set a date and time with him, but he was rearing to go with it, so we did the interview off the dome.  Check the interview below, and a big thank you goes out to Charles Hamilton for the interview.

Charles Hamilton: Wassup?

TGLR: Not much man, how are things for you?

Charles Hamilton: Blessed, happy to be alive

TGLR: yea yea, that's good... so i gotta ask you, what was the inspiration and idea behind the making of that sick song, "Brooklyn Girls"?

Charles Hamilton: It was just a freestyle, an old beat, felt like comin' off the top and I had some things to get off my chest, kinda the usual

TGLR: Yea yea, it is pretty dope, especially for a freestyle!  Now you have been putting out a ton of mixtapes (or music projects as you call them), where do you get all these crazy beats and all the lyrics for all these songs!?

Charles Hamilton: I make like 99% of my beats and I write my own stuff, so its very organic.

TGLR: That's dope, a lot of work put into it though, which you don't really see from some musicians in today's music industry.

Charles Hamilton: I'm not focused on the old way of the business

TGLR: Yea, that's good, it is great for the industry to have guys like yourself, Asher Roth, KiD CuDi, and B.o.B... What is your opinion on them?

Charles Hamilton: They're all good artists, but to be 100%, I'm so focused on getting myself out there, as well as my artists, that I don't really check for many people.  I appreciate what they bring to the table, but I have several goals.  When the time is right, I'll be able to sit back and be a fan.

TGLR: No man, I hear yea... that's good though.  Now, out of all your musical works, I got to say that Well Isn't This Awkward has been my favorite... take me through the creation and making of that mixtape.

Charles Hamilton: Believe it or not, it's about 2 years in the making.  MAD throw away songs, mad demos, rough drafts.  My whole thing was if I'ma be with Rihanna, I'm gonna go HARD.  Listened to mad of her music OUTSIDE of what I already felt about her and when the time was right, I recorded it in like 2-3 days. I didn't wanna look like a stalker, or ungenuine

TGLR: I hear yea, haha, but that stuff was dope, now my friend Max (Over @ The Revolution Will Be Tape Recorded) submitted a question for me to ask you a long time ago, so I guess I will just go ahead and pose the question!  He wanted me to ask you "about c food and if he watches a lot of family guy cuz he samples it here"

Charles Hamilton: It's a funny show, but that wasn't the only premise of the song.  What am I supposed to do when I feel good about being me, but got no one to share such joy with?  Nothing to do but watch Family Guy and talk about halloucinating about sh1t, haha.
TGLR: Haha, I feel ya... so what influences you to do what you do!?

Charles Hamilton: Life, flashbacks, and the promise of sh1t gettin' better on the strength of open-minded music listening

TGLR: Yea, that's good, seems to be working out for you!

Charles Hamilton: One can pray

TGLR: Now tell me a bit more about your upcoming album! There sure is a buzz about the blogs!

Charles Hamilton: It's called "This Perfect Life", and it has 11 songs talking about the ills of the world and more specifically, how to move on.  I don't ask questions in it, if you listen you'll understand.  To make listening more of a focused act, it's digitally mastered to sound OLDER than it really is, which is my overall sound, thus making the album an AudiBook, the first of its kind.

TGLR: Yea, sounds real legit, I hope I got enough saved up to buy it, stuff is getting expensive now a day! What are your views on iTunes vs. Buying LP's at a store?

Charles Hamilton: iTunes has some gems, but you can be more hands on buying LP's

TGLR: True true... Do you think that album and single leaks on blogs are good or bad?

Charles Hamilton: Depends on the quality of song and artist

TGLR: Let's say you have a really great song, but a crappy artist (like a one hit wonder, i.e. Soulja Boy's Superman Song)

Charles Hamilton: Well it's funny, I wouldn't say Soulja Boy is a crappy artist anymore, and I didn't say he was before, I just didn't want our lanes confused.

TGLR: Oh no, I was just refrencing that, I am personally not a big Soulja Boy fan...  Haha, not trying to get you and Soulja mixed up, no worries

Charles Hamilton: Honestly, I don't like calling artists crappy anymore, that makes creating competitive... Are we competing or sharing?

TGLR: I like to think that musicians share... but sadly in today's industry it is the other way around.

Charles Hamilton: Well, that's why I got my lane
TGLR: I hear ya, and that's what makes you unique and special

Charles Hamilton: Thank you

TGLR: Anytime, any collaborations on the upcoming LP?

Charles Hamilton: Show Tufli, Crooked I

TGLR: So guys from your group... no Asher Roth's or anyone like that?

Charles Hamilton: No

TGLR: I see, well that's still cool, it's good to see musicians not adding on other people sometimes, gives you a true feel for who they are.  Alright, my last question.  I recently spotted a video on Hood News that featured you and a female. During the video, you start a rap battle and the video ends with her punching you in the face... care to explain/elaborate?

Charles Hamilton: No, I said all I need to say.  The situation is over

TGLR: Fair enough, thanks for taking the time to answer these questions and I guess I will talk to you at some other point, much love and good luck with the album!

Charles Hamilton: Thanks

Haven't Seen The Rap Battle We Were Talking About Above?  Check It Below:

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