Hey guys what's up? Hopefully everything is going pretty well in your lives, because I know everything over here is awesome. This week's remix of the week is by a sweet Belgian musician named Milow, and he did a fantastic job remixing 50, Timbaland, and JT's "Ayo Technology". He then produced a music video with Homerun Records & MTV Networks, and is scorin' over 11 million views on YouTube. What a dude! Perez Hilton and Kanye posted up this music video on their blogs, so it would seem silly not to post it up on ours. Shout out to Tets who sent it to me through Facebook. Social networking is really something isn't it? This music video is fantastic, and I can't stop watching it. Acoustic versions just downright blow away the originals; e.g. Thugz Mansion ft. Nas. The ladies in this vid, the deVilles Harem Girls, are pretty hot too!

Aight, Keep it real,

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