It sure has been a while since we have heard some new material from the Dave Matthews Band.  The album is the seventh installment in the bands already very legendary and successful repertoire of released LP's.  When you think of Dave Matthews you think of a sort of indy rock band that always puts out music that is just crazy good.  I mean I remember the first album I bought of theirs, and I popped that CD into my computer, uploaded the tracks and began listening to it.  The music starts off slow and beautiful, like a a picnic on a nice sunny day.  As the songs progress, the music picks up, the tempo begins to sound more like someone running a marathon, and the singers words are like fans cheering.  It is truly something beautiful to listen to.  Normally I would say that all DMB albums and songs sound eerily similar to one another, but there was just something special about this one... Something that put the album "over the top".

LeRoi Moore, one of the founders of DMB had passed away earlier this year, and I definitely feel his lasting impact on the album.  He was such a great person, and while I did not know the man personally, I know that he not only was a great musician, but someone who gave back to the community and really tried to make the world a better place.  He holds a special place in every DMB fans heart, and we hear at TGLR would like to send our condolences and sorrows to both the DMB band, LeRoi's family, and his friends.  LeRoi has made a lasting impression on the world, and his work in both the music industry and community service will not go without being remembered.

Overall, this album contains it all, the passion, the heart, and the soul!  The album has that good old DMB feel to it, one that just takes over your ears, mind, and soul and just makes you happy about life and what's going on around you.  The melodies and vocals with the musical aspect of the album just go perfectly with one another and is truly (no pun intended), music to my ears!  My passion for music extends further then just the modern Hip-Hop and Rap that is covered on most music sites out there, and if you are a close minded person who has not tried listening to Dave Matthews or the Dave Matthews Band, then you are truly missing out!  Normally I won't rant and rave about albums, but this is one album that I can say with 100% confidence is a complete (in its entirety) success and each and every track is crazy good.  Overall, the album gets a perfect A, for fullness, quality, and originality!  

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Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King Track Listing:
"Shake Me Like a Monkey"
"Funny the Way It Is"
"Lying in the Hands of God"
"Why I Am"
"Dive In"
"Alligator Pie"
"Time Bomb"
"Baby Blue"
"You and Me"

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